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The term "baroque", which originated in Europe between 1600 and 1750 and became widespread in art, is itself Portuguese for "irregular pearl". But what exactly is baroque?

In a short way, they are irregularly shaped pearls.

The unique "rugged" shape may seem like a flaw, but it gives the pearl itself a more fascinating and varied halo, providing an extraordinary visual experience.

Most nucleated natural pearls grow into baroque pearls. The most precious baroque pearls come from South Sea and Tahitian pearls, produced from black and golden white oysters.

"Baroque" as the name of the art period between the Renaissance and Classicism, with its "subversion" of the meaning of the art form, but also in turn had a profound impact on the pearl jewelry.
In the European court of 19th century, baroque pearls was extremely famous among the royal family and noblemen. You can frequently see those beautiful exotic baroque pearls on queens’ crown, necklace and brooch.

In those long-ago days, precious baroque pearls were only available to royalty. But with the gradual awakening of human rights and the gradual development of modern technology, beautiful baroque pearls are available to us.

Baroque pearls are angular, with a distinctive color and luster. You can never find two identical pearls, and that's what makes them so valuable, just like modern women, we think.

Charm, Gloss, Being different, also rebellious. That’s how we picture the baroque pearl and what we want to bring to our female customer.